The Rocket Ship Of Dreams

The rocket ship of dreams

sesion 1:


This week i was word wizard that where your role.

Is to be on the lookout for a few passages that you have read. On the other side it’s my summery.


Sesion 2;


For sesion 2 i was literary luminary that is where you pick out parts of a book and write what you found out about it.

On the other part of my book is my summary wich is where you write, key points of the book, main highlights and major incidents.


Sesion 3;




for sesion 3 i was illustrator mapper wich is where you draw out a part of the book you like.

The other side is where i wrote my summary.


session 4;



For sesion 4 i was disscosion director thats where you write qustions and you direct the group.

Also the other side agin is my summary.

Sesion 5;


Sesion 5 i was connector thats where you connect thinghs to your own life.

Other side is my summary.

sesion 6;


For sesion 6 i was character captain, thats where you pick 2 people out of the book and you write things that are the same about them and how they are diffrent to each other.

my summary is on the other side of the book


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