Red dirt diary

 Sesion 1:



Heres my first session on lit circles I was the illustrator mapper which is where you draw a picture of a part of the book. On the other side it my summery of the first session where you have to describe the key points, main highlights and majoir incidents.

Session 2 




This week I was discussion director wich is where you have to ask some questions and yo u also have to run the discussion. There’s also my summary.

session 3



Here is my pictures of session 3 and I wad the connector wich is where you have to connect thinghs in the book to your own life. On the other side I did my summery and it went two pages long.

Session 4



Heres sesion 4 I was the character caption. Its where you select 2 characters and then you use adjectives and things in the book to discribe them diffrenalky and the same way . On the next side and the next photo is my summary and it goes for two pages.

session 5


Here is my sesion 5 where i was the word wizard, the word wizard is wher you have to pick a word out of the book and write the opisate and the same. Then what sentance it was in and the meaning of the word. Then on the other side its my summery.




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