This is where I will be writting a weekly on what my group has done.


week one reflection:

our task is in our teams are to help the environment in is

one way around the school or for others, in my group I have lauren, Liam.p and will.s. my groups 3 solutions are, 1- to get a Dropbox and a bunch of leefs and make a suggestion on how to make a better envimentle school, 2- is to put a compost bin in each class room, 3- is to have a pot plant in every class room and they have to take care of it. Our finall solution is to have a compost bin in every class room. We would like to achieve next week is to have all of our posters and speeches planed out.

Week 2 reflection:

This week my group had our project get cheacked and it was approved. We also started to write the speeches for asemberly and for the classrooms. The boys got a start on the posters and we all worked really well together on getting thinghs done really easily. Next week I won’t to aacoplish with my group, the speeches and hopefully getting a lot if ice cream containers.

what do you think of our solution and why do you think?

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