Leadership talk-Shawn policeman

Today a policeman came to talk to us grade 5s about learder ship and whats involed in leadership also what it means to him. He gave us 3 examples that are important to leardership and there where also some valuable life lessons.

Example 1-

In example 1 he talked about how he was shy when he was growing up and what made him not be shy as he growed one of the life qotes in this example was challenge your self in life.”

Example 2-

In this example he talked about how he got his job and what roles he got as well as how he took control on black saturday, also how he built up his relation ships with fallow police that also work where he worked. Another qote “not having a bage dosent mean that you are not a leader around the school.

Example 3-

In this example he talked about his ledder ship corse and how some times you need to take controll in any situation. Qote “Lead by a good example.”



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