What we know about science

In science we have lernt about how the solar system works and rotates.

1.what have lernt…. I have lent that the sun dosnt rotate but the earth circles around the sun and the moon circles around the earth.2.I also learnt about the shaddow and what creats the shadows onto the ground. 3.Also how light travels and how it only travels straight and how it only tavels straight from what ever angle its on. I think that its cool how the moon is 340,400 km away from earth.

I thing I found intersting was how light only travels straght becaause I though that it went every where also what rotates what.

On thingh I would like to find out is how many palnts there are and what size they are.

Whats one thingh that you would like to find out!




  1. Hi Caity,
    That was a great post that you made there. One thing that I would like to find out is actually how big is the hole universe?
    the reason that I would like to find this out because im really enjoying learning about the universe and what is in it that is why I would like to find out how big the actual universe is. What about you!
    From Eloise.

    • Hello Elouise,
      Thankyou for commenting on my blog and that sounds like a really good qustion

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