Leadership day


Today on the 5th of August, we went to montmorency secondly college for a leader ship day. We learnt all about enthusiasm, stradge, team work, cooperation, commication, persistance and initiative. We played games to match every word, the games were elevation frustration, coin landurary, moving the 7 seas, cops and robbers, check in point, air port dash, translation stationary words with friends, we played them Games so we could learn about leader ship and team work. They also put use into colour groups, I got put into the yellow group. Also they gave us passports, so when we go to every station we can stick a sticker to say that we did that activity,  then after we stuck the sticker in we then we had to awnser the questions at the bottom of the page.

What was your favourite activity and why?


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  1. Hi Caity,
    My favorite activity was the Flying Blinds, because we worked as a team and I won the raft game! I also liked the Jewel Thief and the MnM race, because they were just really fun! I really want to be a leader next year, and montmorency taught me a lot!
    From Louise.

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