What went well…




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What went well..

What went well for me, was to get our school blog because I have never had one before. Also when we learnt how to make the reef knot with the pictures and then doing the shoe laces reading the text. Also making the iMovie, for our buddy’s.

Did you have a fun week and why?



  1. Hi Caity,
    I did have a great time this week! I loved making our blogs and really enjoyed the end of Out Of My Mind. At least the end ended happily.
    From Louise.

  2. Hi Caity,
    I did have a great time this week, it was a great first week back. I really making enjoyed making our blogs and learning how to add widgets.
    From Eden.

  3. Hi caity!
    I really enjoyed this week because I think that it was a great start to the term.
    I also really liked getting our own blogs.

    From Eloise

  4. Dear Caity,
    The thing I liked most was getting our blogs because I have never had one before and I think it will be fun!
    From Aleecia

    • Hello Aleecia,
      Thankyou for commeting on my blog
      Me to Aleecia i think that it will be lots of fun and it is all ready

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